Golden Ginkgos Scarf in Espresso Brown

Golden Ginkgos Scarf in Espresso Brown

Gingko leaves drift down on one end of a soft pima cotton scarf; a few leaves that went astray grace the other end. Muted gold metallic ink lends an elegant but subtle effect.

Scarf fabric is 100% pima cotton, silky to the touch and a luxuriously long 88" x 16".

About the art

Artwork is created from my own photography, in which I "capture" the "ghost" of the flower, and applied with a light hand for an ethereal, non-opaque look for an almost Zen ink painting -like effect

I have added stretch to the ink to allow to easy movement, enjoyment and longevity. Delicate or hand-wash is recommended with flat air dry to prolong the life of the garment.

The ginkgo leaf is a popular motif in Japanese art. Since ancient times the tree has been planted in gardens and temples in China, Japan, also close to sacred places and castles, the veneration due to its fire protection, seeds, and beauty.

*    *    *
Shaped like little golden birds
The ginkgo leaves scatter
On  the hill in the evening sun.

– Yosano Akiko