My Rotem Limited Edition artisan line consists of an ever-changing limited inventory of scarves, cardigans, drape jackets and fashion tops with local botanical designs and spiritual motifs. I am a self-employed free-lance graphic designer, and for the botanical designs, I often use my original photography of local flora along with illustration to create the design, whether a flower, branch, or fruit. 

I envision pre-made garments as my canvases, making every effort to use USA-made or sustainable whenever possible.

By experimenting with the inks, different effects are created, resulting in a translucent, graceful print that evokes Zen paintings in its elegant simplicity. Fabrics vary in type and in color from rich and saturated to neutrals, and each type of garment responds differently to the inks in density and texture, producing different effects in the artwork.

The nod to Asian artistic influence is no accident. Thanks to my academic and professional background in Japanese language and culture, I am drawn to the concept of imparting esoteric elegance to practicality;  all my garments are washable and utterly comfortable.

What else I do: I run my own graphic and web design studio, offering a holistic suite of services that integrates several aspects of branding and marketing: logos and identity, copywriting, and pr/social media integration. See more at Rotem Studio and Rotem Studio Web Design Solutions.

Enjoy a bit of my process and my dream in the video below, and thank you for visiting!